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The power and purpose of manhood (and women)

This post is in two parts

  1. It’s about the marriage not the wedding
  2. The power and purpose of manhood (and women)

Some time back I distinctly felt God’s leading to go and read about manhood in the bookstore.

I read “The power and purpose of manhood” by Miles Munroe.

I have read aspects of it before. Of all the books I have read this is the one which has influenced me the most. It’s based on scripture, but particularly on Genesis 1 and 2 with Adam and Eve.

The assumption is that how God dealt with Adam and then with Eve is the perfect pattern.

Miles describes that God first dealt with Adam and then brought Eve to Adam. When Eve arrived, Adam had already named the animals – by naming them he had ownership over them. Adam already had a vision and a direction. Eve came to him, having been taken OUT of Adam. She was rejoined to him, she saw what he was doing, who he is, and she joined in.

Miles points out that women love to help. Helping is a woman’s big thing, it’s why women volunteer at church, they are helping the pastor.

I strongly resonate with this, which is to say that God wants me to have a direction, have a clear plan that she can see and join in with.

This is the same message as Jon and Stacey Eldredge. Jon wrote wild at heart. Together they wrote captivating. In there they/she says that women want to be a part of a great adventure. The man should already be involved in an adventure that she can join in with. That’s why she is described as a suitable helper.

And I can understand that. A woman’s emotions and way of thinking is less 1 dimensional and more suited towards handling people, rather than being intently focused on a single goal. (Women can and do have goals and many times can achieve that goal better than some men.)

It’s hard to imagine that God sees these things that Miles describes in me and wants these things from me. But Miles is 100% clear and 100% right when he speaks about men.

It’s interesting that God directed me to read about this right after I had heard a friend speak about another book that she says is “Christian” and “for women”. The things she said about that book… and also the things she said about women and men from her own experiences as a woman… were pretty scary. I personally didn’t like what she said and I doubted it was from God.

After re-reading this book by Miles Munroe I was able to reset my direction to what God has intended for men and women.

I have to say it takes courage to step out with God where I don’t see any leaders or churches going. But. I’ve had to step out like this countless times before and God was always right, always ahead of the curve.

Miles has written a book for women called “The power and purpose of women”. I’d like to read that too.

If and when God blesses me with a partner, before we are married I think it would be awesome for her to read her book, for me to read mine, and for us to take time to compare notes. As I wrote before, it’s fine to spend some time prearing for a lovely wedding day, but what is much more important is to spend time preparing for an awesome life together.

By using these books we can come to an understanding of who we are and who each other is. We will be able to see where we naturally fit and where we will need to work things out.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, people who go through this process of preparation  may also see things that are so totally different that they will need to reconsider if this person is really the right one for them.


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2 thoughts on “The power and purpose of manhood (and women)

  1. Keep up the good work Mark.

    Posted by B. Niles | April 5, 2012, 8:16 pm

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