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Marriage preparation

It’s about the marriage not the wedding

This post is in two parts

  1. It’s about the marriage not the wedding
  2. The power and purpose of manhood (and women)

In my journey to prepare myself to be a good man and a great husband, I learned this awesome nugget of truth. While most people spend MONTHS preparing for the wedding, they may only spend a few days preparing for their lives together.

Think about it. Lots of money and time and energy spent on preparing for one day. How much effort spent on preparing on a life together?

That really hit me. And I’ve had a lot of time to think that through (I’ve been single for a LONG time). What we need to do is prepare for a life with someone.

That means going through a long list of issues that can come up. For example…

  • How will you guys handle money?
  • What do you expect from sex?
  • What will you do when you argue?
  • What if someone cheats, will there be forgiveness?
  • What things do you expect from each other?
  • What does each person need, what do they want (needs and wants are very different things)?
  • If the romance runs out after a few years, will you give up, or will you get help and restart the fire?
  • What life goals do each of you have?
  • Do you want kids? How many? How do you plan to raise them? What values do you want them to have?
  • Are you equally yoked in your faith? Do you want the same things and are you willing to give up the same things?

These are just a few questions that people who plan to get married should sit down and talk through.

It’s much easier to fix problems BEFORE getting married than fix them AFTER getting married!

Please check out the follow-on post to this one: The power and purpose of manhood (and women)


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3 thoughts on “It’s about the marriage not the wedding

  1. This is a very wise post and I BEG any couples planning on marrying to read it and dissect it and discuss it! When I married, I and my (then) spouse didn’t ask any of these questions….we thought teenage love would conquer all. IT DIDN’T. A marriage based on God, love, communication, trust, mutual respect AND forgiveneness is the only way to ensure a lasting relationship.

    In my next marriage I will take all the things I learned in my first failed marriage and PUT GOD in the center. If that is done nothing can separate two people!

    Be Blessed,


    Posted by Van Stewart | September 11, 2011, 10:23 pm
  2. right on and so true thanks to you i will be ready, love your insight, but how do you become so wise when you are single.dont you think one has to not know these things(not specifically what you wrote here) and meet that one person to help both grown.?

    Posted by Anonymous | January 17, 2012, 11:13 pm

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