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Find goals and ideals which come from our relationship with Jesus Christ

Did you see Avatar? In there Neytiri (the woman) says to Jake “I see you”.

This happens after Jake tames the “Toruk” and saves the nation (the Toruk was a powerful flying predator that has been tamed only five times in Na’vi history).

Until Jake steps up and becomes the man he was meant to be, she chides him for being “like a baby”. (Feminity is attracted to masculinity, it is not attracted to childishness.)

But when Jake steps up and leads, when he uses his initiative and feeds off the testosterone that runs through his veins, THEN she sees him entirely differently. She admires him. She praises him. She prefers him.

Avatar is a VERY secular story, but it tells an important truth. In that story Jake steps up and takes his adult-male place. He see a problem in society and he uses his own initiative to solve the problem for the benefit of the people around him that he cares for. He risks his own life to benefit their lives.

That movie is secular and they are doing secular things. Hopefully we Christian men can find goals and ideals which come from our relationship with Jesus Christ.


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