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Men and women

A woman first observes the man, THEN makes a choice

Have you ever read this bible verse and thought… isn’t that the wrong way around?

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” – Eph 5:31

When I used to read that verse it seemed the wrong way around. Surely the WOMAN leaves her parents and is united to her husband? She takes HIS name. He comes to fetch HER to take her to HIS house. She joins HIS household etc.

So then why does this verse say the man leaves his parents?

And as God was leading me into His vision of how to do things in my future, He showed me the reason for that verse.

The reason is that a man must emotionally leave and become is own person, entirely distinct from his parents. A woman can grow up to be a little like, or a lot like, her mother. But a man only becomes a man when he decides things for himself.

The shift that is required in a man is significant. How can he be the head, if he doesn’t know what he thinks, or wants? How can he lead, unless he is already walking in the way that he thinks is the right way to go?

Also, a woman must FIRST be able to observe the man and see his style, his life choices, his Godliness, his chosen direction… and THEN she can make choices to join herself to him, or not to.

But unless he is already walking in his chosen path, when she comes alongside, what will she see? If he isn’t already moving in a direction, when she looks at him, how can she know what she is attaching herself to?

A woman does join herself to a man, but he must first BE that decisive man who is already going in a direction. She observes that and decides if she wants to join herself to that.


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