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Me Myself and I

Beginning a new Christian Men series! Yeeehaaaw!!

Hello Godly men.  Yes it’s been  a while… since Dec 6, 2009 to be exact. I’ve been very busy over on Faith. Hope. Love. but now I’m back!

God has taught me SO MUCH about men and women. It’s almost like all these years… my whole life actually… I’ve been walking about with the wrong contact lenses in. Now that He’s given me the right way to look at things, I’m seeing things so clearly.

It might not be the world’s way, but it’s His way. And you know what? The more I listen ot people on my twitter and my facebook the more I hear women saying that what they REALLY want is… and it’s remarkably exactly what God is showing me in the bible!

So as usual, I always have to check things out a LOT before I am willing to share. The bible says that teachers must be more careful because we will be judged more harshly. And I think that warning is fair enough. So I tested it.

I’ve been chatting to ladies in person, spending time with them, seeing how they tick, how they respond. Plus, I signed up to online dating things, read lots of their profiles, made mine, edited mine, watched the responses… and now I’ve deleted them all.

Why did I delete all my online dating profiles? Because I have a promise. No, wait. I have so many promises from God, over so many years… that I’m just going to believe Him. Person after person tells me, every month or two… has someone for me, and she is the right person and she will come at the right time.

And when is that right time? Ah… let that be the first post in my new series.

Godly men, round up! Yeeehaaaw!!

Also check out a friend of mine Derek Guyer over on Facebook, and his USA-based ministry Rise Of The Home.


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