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Men and women

Clothes do NOT make the man

Men are visual. We either like what we see or we don’t. It’s not complicated for us. So we assume that women are the same. And society tells us that they are… but they aren’t.

You think she is looking at your outward clothes, but she is using the outside to figure out what is going on inside you.

So you can dress in a way that appears slack, but women will look to see if you are dressing for yourself, are you dressing this way because it’s an expression of you, are you dressing this way because you’re strong or independent.

If you are doing these things, you will be secure in your clothes and you won’t cave when she looks you up and down.

The key thing is this… be yourself. Like yourself. Be comfortable in you. Wear the clothes you like, because you like them. WHY you like them is up to you. YOU decide why YOU like them.

A man can wear a suit to dinner,  but he doesn’t like wearing suits… and it will show. Another man loves to wear a suit, and it shows. The first man would be better of wearing whatever HE wants to wear, because self-confidence is very attractive to women.

What is happening on the inside of you is the cake… what happens on the outside is just the icing.


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