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Men and women

Women, safety and strong determined men

Men have testosterone and it makes some of us aggressive and determined and strong. This can be a good thing. Or a bad thing if it’s used badly.

It’s good when we’re determined to advance the Kingdom of God, or protect our family or do something positive. We’re single minded and focussed. If we decide to climb mount Everest, we know we might die doing it, and we try. Some men will use their focus and aggression to raise money for orphans, or to be single minded in raising their children.

But this singular and aggressive focus can be a bad thing. Some men have used those strengths to hurt women and children. For this reason many airlines now won’t sit a single male next to children. I think this is a terrible sign that things have gone very very wrong.

Women will evaluate some men as safe and evaluate some other men as not safe. I watched a discussion on Fox News. A strong woman was sitting next to some Fox guy. He aggressively took a stand for families and for people and the woman next to him touched him on the arm and said “now I feel safe” – and she really meant it.

Although he raised his voice and was aggressive, he was doing it in the protection of families and people and women. He was therefore judged as safe by her. And she’s right.

Many women need to feel “safe” and a strong man who can stand on his own two feet provides that strength. A man who knows who he is, where he is going is seen as strong.


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