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Man's Heart

Fighting for our own heart

I’m reading Wild at Heart, chapters 4 & 5. John is right about so many things.

The enemy strikes at men’s self esteem in order to cripple us. We were made in God’s image and we can be restored into His image. Just imagine the full impact of 1 or 10 or 1 million men who live with the full range and passion and strength that God and Jesus lives with.

For this reason – that we have the potential to greatly impact the WHOLE WORLD – the enemy comes against us. he wounds our identity, wounds our innocence, separates us from the herd and drives us to live alone.

John writes on page 87 ‘My wound tempted me to be a loner, live far from my heart and from others’. John COULD have followed that course in his life – but then he could not have become a man who shares his story, gains the trust of men around the world with his honesty – and then calls them out to live bold & dangerous lives in the calling that God has given them.

Imagine if John had tolerated his wound, nursed it, adjusted to it. There would be no Wild at Heart ministry, no Captivating for women, no call out to you and me.

I also face that desire to shrink back, live a distant life, write my blog posts but not actually engage and passionately fight to others around me. Just stay comfortable. I felt that desire today. It’s a choice to not give in.

But God is saying through John’s book… (page 88) ‘If you want the wound healed and your strength restored and find your true name, you’re going to have to FIGHT for it.

God once challenged me ‘will you fight for her?’ because He didn’t want to give a cherished daughter of His to a man who would not cherish and fight for her. I said yes. I make much more of an effort to pray for her every day now – that she will connect with Him and fulfill her calling in Him.

But I didn’t realize until today that I’d have to take off the gloves and fight for MY heart first! May God give us all the strength to be strong willed enough to break out and be dangerous and passionate, for ourselves and for our partners and then for our kids and other loved ones.

I wrote a related post on my other blog called What God wants for His daughters I hope you take a moment to read it


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2 thoughts on “Fighting for our own heart

  1. I think this is something we’re all a lost on…until I read Wild at Heart, I never would have thought to have given myself into this fight day in and day out because the men I saw around me were diengaged and lonely. That’s not the picture of a man of God that I see in scripture.

    Our women want us to fight for them. They want warriors who not only provide direction, but protect them physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually. That’s our responsibility. We are the providers.

    Posted by cutfromtherock | March 24, 2007, 5:06 pm
  2. It seems like such an uphill battle to “break out of your shell”. I see it as sitting comfortably in your shell and watching the world go by. What I have found is that, much like the one talent man, you watch the world go by. As Christian men, the responsibility is on us to affect the world through the gospel of Christ. Every time I speak out I feel that I have to put the little disclaimer of my own weaknesses. This is satan attacking my self – esteem, thus I must speak out and seek affirmation from other men instead of God. It kills me that 1) I can see this vividly, 2) stand idly by as it happens.

    I can feel within myself that changes have already occurred and even more are in the works. What sucks is that I have a hard time waiting. So then I feel that I should take it upon myself to affect changes. This is once again satan doing his thing. Instead of trusting God I find myself wandering around like a fool, with God standing in the distance asking where in the world I am heading to, and me walking around blinded by my ignorance talking to thin air. This of course is figurative language, the way it looks in my mind as I recollect where I went wrong and attempt “damage control”. This is so hard for me to see.

    I do know this: I have been wounded, I am healing, and soon I will be what God has intended me to be for so long. Praise Him for His infinite wisdom, longsuffering, love and mercy!!!!

    Great thoughts

    Posted by Calvin Thompson | March 24, 2007, 10:06 pm

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