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What do you think is a key to avoid divorce?

I’m reading an online book called “Get the ring” (get the CD on Amazon).

It’s a terrible name for a book, but the contents… it’s good stuff!! I confess I’ve been involved in a divorce… so I’m thinking, I need to do some research on this topic and learn!

The intro to the book says this:

Back in 1990 I started my own search for a lifelong love. I saw the serial date-suicide my friends and others were committing. The divorce rate of over 50% was scary enough. Add to that all the 30-something and 40-something friends who are still “looking” and you begin to wonder if a dream mate is just some Hollywood fantasy.

But I didn’t give up searching until I found the people who have a divorce rate of only a few percent! Compare that to the national divorce rate of over 50%. Who has such an incredibly low divorce rate? Only one group: Traditional Jews. At first I was very skeptical. There must be something in their religion, I thought. They’re probably not allowed to get divorced I said. But guess what! I was wrong! Not only are Traditional Jews allowed to get divorced, in certain cases it’s actually encouraged.

So I started asking. How and why are they so successful in their marriages? And I found out that it’s a combination of attitude and principles that have somehow tragically been lost in our society.

I looked into this divorce rate thing. Here is a Google Answers on the topic. Even if the divorce rate is going up now as Israel becomes more and more westernized and secular, that shouldn’t detract from the fact that at one time they had a 1-3% divorce rate. Amazing.

So I’m digging in to read about WHAT their cultural values are. And bizarrely, I really like what they have to say. So I will post some items from the book.

And now a question for you. If you’ve been through one or not, you have a valid opinion – what do you think is a vital key to avoid divorce?


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One thought on “What do you think is a key to avoid divorce?

  1. Marriage is a team working together. So I think the vital key to avoid divorce is the character of one person, self-knowledge and self-understanding. A person who knows and fully understands himself can easily understand others. If you can understand and respect your partner then you can avoid conflict and both of you will live in harmony.

    Posted by Observer | September 6, 2007, 7:07 am

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